How to Buy a Pool

According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals’ consumer research, families use pools as pleasant outlets for relaxation and as tranquil settings to spend time together at home. And with recent trends toward nesting, pools are becoming increasingly popular home additions.

Choose what suits you. Do you require the expanse of a large pool for swimming and diving, or are you looking for the intimacy and convenience of a spa? Are your needs exclusively recreational or do they include therapeutic benefits?

Pool Time

You have two options when buying a pool: aboveground or inground. The cost for inground pools starts at about $20,000, and varies depending on the size of the pool and degree of customization. Other details, such as decking, landscaping, safety equipment and automated maintenance and heating systems cost extra. If selecting an inground pool, you’ll first need to decide on a liner. There’s a variety to choose from. Your Paradise Pool and Spa NJ pool professional should direct you to which model is best for you and your yard’s shape and size.

Do Your Homework

Make sure the builder is following your town’s codes. Check with the zoning board to find out what kind of permits and fees are involved with building a pool.

Check several sources of financing to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Dealers and builders can often assist with identifying financing options. Be sure to include in your budget the costs for any landscaping or lighting, water and safety features and audio systems.

Make sure you understand all the specifics before signing a contract. Get everything included in the purchase price in writing. Ascertain whether the total cost includes delivery and installation.

The pool and its equipment should come with a warranty. Know what is covered in the warranty and what isn’t covered.

Be Independent

When pool shopping, consult independent rating services, such as Consumer’s Digest, which evaluates a variety of models and manufacturers. Only educated consumers can properly determine which water escapes—above ground or inground pools—best suit their individual needs and are worth the investment. Also contact the Better Business Bureau to check out the track record of any pool builder.

Don’t forget to ask about warranties, and make sure there are no hidden costs in your contract. The builder or contractor should include all required permits and electrical hookups.

Finally, research the company to ensure your family time isn’t spent trying to fix what you should be enjoying.

The history of the manufacturer and the pool company is important. Also for your own safety, try to avoid buying a pool from a company without a storefront. Pool companies come and go, so make sure the one you choose is committed to being there for you for years to come.

Purchasing Tips:

Factors To Consider:

Make sure the vendor or contractor is properly licensed. The NJ Home Improvement Contractor License number should appear in the company’s advertisement.

Hire a company that has been in business long enough to have a track record you can check.

Avoid those who don’t have an actual business address. Longevity at a location can be a sign of stability and reliability.

Consider vendors with a showroom. A showroom not only permits inspection before buying, it’s another sign of stability.

Check experience and knowledge. How many spas or pools does the company build or sell? Can they explain the pluses and minuses of models they carry?

Does the builder or installer’s insurance cover liability and workers’ compensation? Ask to see a certificate of insurance.

Free estimates are standard. Be leery of anyone who wants to charge to quote you a price.

Check references. Satisfied customers are the best tools to get new business and reputable contractors will be happy to provide them.

Hire a contractor who belongs to multiple trade organizations.

Do not sign a check until you sign a contract. Your contractor or vendor has a right to a down payment, but be sure to clarify the payment schedule and terms. Understand your contract, including your responsibilities and obligations, as well as the contractor’s. Sometimes down payments can be negotiated.

Below are a few of the “100 Great Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool”


Family Fun

Encourages Togetherness– Like a magnet, the family pool encourages everyone to come together. Some families call it bonding, others simply call it love. Whatever you call it, it’s the kind of commitment that keeps families close.

Teach Grandmom and Grandpop to Swim– Many grandparents never had the chance to learn how to swim. They love watching their grandchildren in a pool and would like to join them. You can teach them to swim in your own private oasis where they will feel comfortable and secure.

Luxurious Lifestyle

You Love Relaxing-A wise man once said you could measure your success by how effectively you relax. Soothing, refreshing water will bring even the most anxiety-ridden executive down to a kitten’s purr in record time.

Become An Exterior Designer– Use your imagination. Consider the pool the centerpiece and go forward with your personal style. Use colors you love, but never dared to use inside. From landscaping to lawn chairs to swimsuits and towels, there are lots of opportunities to make your pool scene your own.

Better Health

The Best Exercise– Many people use their pool as part of their everyday exercise routine. Physicians agree that many types of exercises done in the water are more beneficial because the water’s gentle buoyancy puts less stress on limbs and joints.

A Way to Assure Better Sleep– Get rid of stress, worry and tension easily by taking a dip in the pool. Instead of swimming laps or having a rigorous workout, just let the body relax for a while. You’ll be amazed at how well you will sleep afterwards.


Conveniently Close to Home– No more packing up swimsuits, toys, strollers, coolers and the kids for a day trip to the beach or lake. Merely walk out the back door with a glass of iced tea and a towel, yelling over your shoulder for the kids to join you. Then have a nice day at your pool.

A Family Place to Meet– A swimming pool is a great place to meet and talk. Breakfast is always on the fly and everyone is doing their own thing at lunch. Meeting by the pool can be the only place where some families eagerly anticipate getting together.


Welcome to the Club– Your new swimming pool is a symbol that tells the world that you know how to live. It’s a milestone purchase on the road of life. You’re guaranteed to feel as if you have become a member of some sort of special club. You’ve arrived. You’re now one of the “haves!”

Award-Winning Picnics– Picnics and cookouts become even better when you have a pool to keep everyone entertained. The joint is always jumpin’ in your backyard when your picnic includes swimming. And, there’s always something to do besides eating.


A Pool is a Great Asset– Installing a swimming pool helps position a home as an estate much the same way that a tennis court or a guest house would. Realtors who market upscale properties will tell you that buyers are aften disappointed if a swimming pool is not included with a resale property.

Swimming Pools are Affordable– Today there are many types of pools and many ways to buy them. All give the same sense of pride and all have benefits and rewards of ownership. Explore your options, then don’t wait another minute.