Inground Pools in Brick, NJ

Whether you enjoy a night swim or splashing around during a hot day, there’s nothing like having a swimming pool in your backyard. Purchasing and constructing an inground pool is a great investment for your home. Although it’s a big commitment and there are other options, the result will make it all worthwhile.

Inground vs. Above Ground Pools

Inground and above ground pools have a couple of similarities. For example, although the water depth is different, both pools require the same type of maintenance. However, the difference between the two is the installation cost. This discrepancy occurs because the inground pool lasts significantly longer than an above ground pool.

The structure of an above ground pool will fall apart around the fifteen-year mark, and sooner if you don’t have a deck built around it. In addition, every three to five years you’ll have to replace the liner, which can become expensive. However, inground pools can last over twenty years and liners are replaced less frequently if you keep up with the maintenance. Concrete inground pools can also last for a long time and will need to be resurfaced at least every ten to twelve years.

Construction Process

After you’ve found a company to install the pool, make sure that you get all the permits necessary to start construction. Some companies, like us, prepare all of the permits for you. Once the digging begins, the following will happen:

  • Installation of the wall structure
  • Pouring of the concrete bond and installing the pool floor
  • Installation of electrical and plumbing units
  • Adding the coping and liner
  • Pouring the concrete for the pool deck

The most important part of the construction process is that what you envisioned your pool to look like is the outcome you receive.

For nine years, Paradise Pools and Spas has served Brick, NJ and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our expertise and creative pool designs that set our customers apart from their neighbors. For more information on our services or a consultation on an inground pool installation, contact us today.