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Paradise Pools Provides Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Pool Services

Paradise Pools and Spas NJ offers a wide range of routine service plans and repair options for all budgets and pool types. Shopping for your pool service involves the overall value provided with the service as well as the type of service your pool needs. You may find a cheaper service, but you will not find a harder working company or more complete pool and spa service company. If there is a service you would like done and you don’t see it on the list below, please contact us. We’re sure we can help.

We offer free water testing for all pools and spas. Simply bring in a sample (6-8oz) of your water in a sealed plastic container to be tested to insure proper balancing as often as you would like. A printed report will be generated for your records with recommendations to keep your water quality at optimum levels.

Weekly Cleaning
Let pool maintenance be a thing of the past by leaving the worries to us. We’ll care for all of your pool cleaning, sanitizing needs and up keep, while you concentrate on the pleasures your pool was intended for. All weekly cleanings are scheduled for Monday – Friday.

Vacation Service
Leaving town for a few weeks or longer? Going away on business? We will service your pool while you’re away. We’re just a phone call away. Call us to arrange short-term service. No appointment needed, we’ll schedule you when you request.

One Time Clean-Up
If you need help to get that pool back into shape after some neglect, we can help!

Pump Upgrade
A monumental breakthrough in energy efficiency, extended service life and silent operation are all features of the IntelliFlo Intelligent Variable Speed Pump, which can reduce energy use from 30% to 90%, saving you hundreds of dollars per season. Click here to see a quick review on the “Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator.”

Equipment Repairs
With today’s advanced technology and variety of options offered on pools today, it is important to choose a company with a broad depth of troubleshooting and repair experience. All of our factory trained technicians are re-certified annually to keep up with the advances of technology and introduction of new equipment.

Heater Repair And Installation
Pool heaters are the most difficult and most expensive parts of most swimming pool systems. They also require the greatest amount of expertise in order to be able to work on them. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Automatic Vacuum (Pool Robot) Installation And Repair
Pool vacuums are a necessary luxury for a pool owner. Even if your pool professional comes and cleans the pool once each week, you still need something to help keep it clean in between visits.

Salt System
Installations and repairs for the absolute best in water quality and swimmer comfort, nothing even comes close to a saltwater pool. We have converted many pools over to this natural method of water purification and the results are absolutely fabulous. Using common salt, our salt systems create chlorine – no more odor, stinging eyes or bleached out bathing suits. Your water will have a noticeable, softer, silkier feel.

Most plaster pools will eventually need to be re-plastered, but how do you know when that time has come? Typical signs include bare concrete (gunite) showing through the plaster, your pool’s surface has become very rough, or there is severe staining that chemical stain removers or acid washing won’t repair.

Acid Washes
Acid washing is a cleaning process used to remove algae and stains from your pool. While not for every situation, with an acid wash treatment your pool can look like NEW again and at a fraction of the cost of re-plastering.

Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool is an investment and in many cases can add value to your property. We want to help you protect your investment. It is no secret that owning a swimming pool can be costly at times. This is why many pool owners try to maintain their own swimming pools. This may sound like a good idea and it is a little cheaper if you have the time, knowledge and experience in maintaining a proper chemical balance and keeping your pool free from debris. Included in proper maintenance of a swimming pool is also extensive knowledge of your swimming pool equipment.

If you have the time and knowledge it may be okay and cost effective to clean and maintain your own swimming pool. The problem is that most pool owners lack time and knowledge to properly maintain their swimming pool. Let’s face it – cleaning a swimming pool is not that difficult if you have time. It’s the chemistry that is most crucial to the health and clarity of your swimming pool and this is where most do-it-your selfers lack experience.

Improper chemical balance is the main cause for rust stains, green algae, yellow algae, black algae, slimy water, cloudy water, calcium build up, etc… If one does not have experience in maintaining swimming pool water it is not recommended to maintain your own pool. Having such knowledge is the key in preventive maintenance. You may think your pool man is there just to remove leaves and debris out of your pool. But there is a way more important mission we have as your preferred pool service company. We are preventing the water from damaging your swimming pool. The leaves and debris are just one small portion of what we do. Our main goal is to make sure your swimming pool is safe, clean, and in good working order all year long. We are in constant battle with the chemistry to ensure this is the case.

Paradise Pools and Spas NJ Weekly Full Service Includes the Following:

  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets.
  • Empty in-line traps, if necessary.
  • Test basic chemicals skimming the surface water.
  • Balance basic chemicals weekly.
  • Test conditioner, Salt, phosphates, alkalinity, calcium hardness, TDS, periodically or as necessary.
  • Routine equipment inspection.
  • Filter pressure check.
  • Backwash as necessary.
  • Maintain weekly maintenance logs.

Additional Cost:

  • Vacuuming pool and spa as needed
  • Brushing tile, walls, spa and stairs
  • Filter cleaning
  • Chemical and/or salt

Complete the Weekly Service order form and submit to our office for processing.

Spa Services

Free water testing for all spas. Simply bring in a sample (6-8 oz.) of your water in a sealed plastic container, as often as you would like and have our service staff test your water to insure proper balancing. A printed report will be generated for your records with recommendations to keep you water quality at optimum levels.

Monthly Cleaning
Let spa maintenance be a thing of the past by leaving the worries to us. We’ll care for all of your spa cleaning, sanitizing needs and upkeep, while you concentrate on the pleasures your spa was intended for. All monthly cleanings are scheduled for Monday – Friday. Each cleaning will consist of a drain and fill, filter deep cleaning and inspection of your plumbing system

Own a summer home on the Jersey Shore? Schedule a complete winterizing of your spa which includes a draining and cleaning of your spa and filters, checking of all lines and plumbing as well as an antifreeze flush. If you would like the spa to be shrinkwrapped as well to prevent water or snow seepage, we can schedule that service at an additional charge.

In the spring or summer, for an additional cost, we’ll schedule a date to reopen the spa.

Looking to Purchase a Spa?
Services available from site preparation (gravel / spa pad) to installation of pavers or concrete pad to state required equipotential bonding grids.

Site Surveys
Don’t know what size spa or swim spa is best for your yard or if there is enough access to get it from the street to where you want it? Call us and we’ll be happy to do a site survey, make recommendations and make it happen for you within your budget!

Let our experienced delivery crew package up and securely move your spa from one location to another. Many spas can weigh in at 800 lbs or more and must be handled properly so as not be dropped, causing shell, frame and/or component damage.

Pool Inspections

Paradise Pools and Spas NJ now offers Pool Inspections. Are you buying a new home with a pool that you would like inspected? If so, we can help. We will send out our knowledgeable expert to inspect all aspects of the pool to ensure that it is in proper working condition.

You will receive a formal write-up, including photographs, stating the condition of the pool, the equipment, the surrounding decking, the electrical, bonding and grounding and the safety cover (if there is one available at time of inspection).

We will include our recommendations for work that should be performed, and if requested, an estimate for any repairs the pool may require.