Hot Tubs in Brick, NJ

As the “Backyard Specialists,” Paradise Pools & Spas knows that a number of elements are necessary for a truly great backyard. Along with a pool, one of the most important aspects is a hot tub. There is nothing more relaxing than luxuriating in the steaming water and jets of a quality hot tub. At Paradise Pools & Spas, we offer a wide range of hot tubs that will be perfectly suited for any type of backyard or family. From small, two-person tubs all the way up to family-sized, eight-person units, we have something for everybody.

Caldera Hot Tubs And Spas

Caldera hot tubs are designed for comfort, performance, and style. Each model offers multiple jets per occupant, providing unsurpassed relaxation. Every part of the hot tub is designed to function for years despite steady use. Caldera also knows that relaxation is not just about physical comfort, but also about sights and sounds. That is why their tubs are available with options such as color-changing LED lights and entertainment systems. Paradise Pools & Spas offers a selection of Caldera hot tubs that provides something for every customer. With 13 different models, customers can find the unit that fits their backyard, family, personality, and budget.

Garden Leisure Swim Spas

Garden Leisure Swim Spas are the ultimate in backyard relaxation and fitness. Specially designed to create a strong current down the middle of the unit, swim spas allow users to swim in place. Each of the three available models also comes with a rowing kit, which allows customers to create their own underwater gym, all in the comfort of their spa. These exercises are not only extremely effective due to the water resistance, but they are also easier on the joints. With sizes ranging from 13 to 19 feet, swim spas can fit in almost any backyard.

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Paradise Pools & Spas has been installing hot tubs and spas for years. Our team of experienced staff will work with customers to help them pick out the model that is perfect for them. Along with installation, we can also help customers shape their backyard to best incorporate their new spa. To learn more about our services, contact us today.